The Founders

HōV is the fruit of a collaboration between childhood friends Chiraz Mouradian and Jean Tarakjian who met when they were just six years old. Through years of travels and adventures, they developed an admiration for nature’s wonders. Their shared goals and friendship organically inspired them to collaborate and develop new projects while they were still students — Chiraz in perfume school and Jean in business school.

It was 2016. They wanted to share their passion for culture and the art of living by making people travel through their stories. And so, they packed their bags and journeyed to the land of their ancestors, Armenia, with one goal: find the inspiration for their first olfactive creation.

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The Brand 

"HōV is a French scented candle brand that we imagined and created together. Our creations are inspired by the diverse cultures of peoples we encountered during our travels and research. Our imagination tapped into the daily rhythm of crop harvests and fruit picking—raw materials that became symbols of the civilizations we encountered. We traveled across countries full of vitality, attended workshops where craftspersons demonstrated a thriving artisanships, and witnessed the observance of rituals.
As olfactive storytellers our ambition is to honor the people that inspired us.”

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